One celebration style that stands out more and more is outdoor events, they´re simple and surrounded by green or flowery landscapes. Weddings, birthdays, family parties or special events gain an idyllic atmosphere when they are celebrated in lovely gardens and terraces full of natural light.

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One important factor to bear in mind is the time and season of the year when the event will be celebrated. The romantic light in the springtime is perfect for weddings; in summer, it is good to think about hats or cool areas for guests; and, of course, the chance of rain should be always considered.

Celebraciones | Sa Garrofa | Begur - We are greenery

Meals and the way they are served to guests is something important to bear in mind. Tables and chairs decorated on green grass or the practicality of a cocktail party with finger food makes guests feel at ease. It all depends on the style you want your celebration to have and the possibilities of the venue that you have chosen.

Sa Garrofa | Begur

Achieving a magical effect in a natural environment, while still considering the individual interests and wishes of everyone, calls for professionals that are focused on minor details. In competent and creative hands, solutions for everything are possible and the success of the event will be guaranteed.

Celebraciones | Sa Garrofa | Begur - We are greenery
Terraza con vistas para el jardín y huerto en Sa Garrofa.

At Sa Garrofa we have the perfect combination of a natural environment, qualified professionals, high-quality gastronomy and adaptation to your interests and needs. For more information or for budget event requests, send us an email at

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